The Center for Network and Data Science (CNDS), formerly iCeNSA, is an interdisciplinary research center founded on the following five principles:

  1. Generate fundamental and transformative advances in Artificial Intelligence, Network Science, and Data Science;
  2. Conduct transformative interdisciplinary research in grand challenge problem statements in social, physical, biological, chemical, health and well-being, organizational, and defense systems;
  3. Translate research innovation for societal impact in service of the common good;
  4. Enable interdisciplinary education and experiential learning opportunities to train and educate socially responsible and engaged data scientists; and
  5. Support entrepreneurship opportunities for CNDS faculty, students, and scholars.

CNDS has developed a grassroots-driven research program — scientific and technical at the core — with an interdisciplinary mindset, driving transformative societal impact.

CNDS is training the next generation of data scientists to guide data-driven discoveries and insights. Affiliated students develop an interdisciplinary understanding of networked and data-driven systems and have the ability to design practical and rigorous algorithms and models.